Welcome to the home of Mr Mulch.


Landscaping is a traditional past time enjoyed by many in all parts of the world.  In Door County especially, we invest our time and money to improving our yards with fervor and passion.  This fervor and passion is unique here because it isn’t a race to be the best.  It isn’t about ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ for the simple fact that people understand that they live in an area that combines natural beauty and tranquility.  Landscaping helps extoll these inherit virtues and brings a smile to our face every time we look out the window.

Get started today on that landscaping project.  It’s summer now and with summer comes great weather.  Don’t let another season get away from you.


We have regular hours on the weekends.  On weekdays we urge you to call us to set an appointment.  920-493-0354


We are conveniently located on Highway 42/57 South of Sturgeon Bay between Emerald Drive and County O in beautiful Door County.

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The employees and friends of Mr Mulch thank you for your visit.  We hope you learn about what we have to offer and look forward to meeting you in person.